Dating dk app Hedensted

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Dating dk app Hedensted

At the same time you can listen to an audio tale about this place. july and 24 – 28 july at 15.00 – 16.00 max 16 people.

South-East Jutland Police said that several vehicles – including a bus and a lorry – where involved in three related accidents on Motorway E45 in the northbound lane between Hedensted and Horsens on Friday morning.

You would not think an old Malt factory, an old prison and an old military base have much in common, besides being old.

However, they are all, right now, bringing people together, by being reused for cultural purposes in the most amazing ways.

By changing these old factory buildings into cultural centres, it is a way of preserving a part of the past and creating an innovative future.

The city has witnessed significant epochs, from Viking settlement, to trade city, to industrial city, and now to a creative educational city that is changing significantly. On the 11th floor roof terrace of the architects’ firm C. Møller, from where you can see large parts of the city, we set up three RIG sections, each with four binoculars, that identify a particular building or area in the city and which has an interesting history.

This small act of dedicated citizens has turned the factory into a vibrant cultural project, offering various activities and a place to meet, socialise and share culture.

The dream is to make the city a creative melting pot, a multicultural centre, reaching its arms out to Europe in 2017. Arsenalet: seeing the world through animation Viborg is the first place in the world to establish a complete animation environment, with all the steps needed to go from spare-time drawing enthusiast to full time professional animation studio.

The goal was to take someraw talent and transform it into a professional company.

Today, 80% of them are now renting office spaces there.

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Perhaps not the most usual place to host an event, a meeting or a party.

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