Dating lebanese site

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Dating lebanese site

For this vision, one must turn one's eyes to the sources, to live in the countryside, to Mount Lebanon.

Naturally, all this progress carries a distinctly Lebanese stamp but, it is, all the same, rather difficult to limit to Beirut one's true view of Lebanese culture and of Lebanon, land of the Cedars, of milk and honey.A delegation was sent consequently to Saint Simon who told them to give up their false beliefs and adhere to Christianity.Then, turning to the Christians, he asked them to fast for eight days.And, in spite of frequent persecutions by pagan authorities, their teachings found a ready ear in the population.A strange story has attached itself to this fact of conversion.

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It seems to me that it is only right and fitting that there should be a Khouri day in which we can all gather together under one roof and spend an hour or two observing the strange phenomenon which comprises of ourselves, to wit, the Khouri could be interesting!