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As a leading lesbian dating site, we successfully bring together women from around the world.Thousands of happy women have met their soul mates on Pink Cupid and have shared their stories with us. For a fun, safe and uniquely lesbian dating experience, join free today.In the twentieth century, dating was sometimes seen as a precursor to marriage but it could also be considered as an end-in-itself, that is, an informal social activity akin to friendship.It generally happened in that portion of a person's life before the age of marriage, enabled dates to be arranged without face-to-face contact.From about 1700 a worldwide movement perhaps described as the "empowerment of the individual" took hold, leading towards greater emancipation of women and equality of individuals.

It is a form of courtship, consisting of social activities done by the couple, either alone or with others.Accordingly, there was little need for a temporary trial period such as dating before a permanent community-recognized union was formed between a man and a woman.While pair-bonds of varying forms were recognized by most societies as acceptable social arrangements, marriage was reserved for heterosexual pairings and had a transactional nature, where wives were in many cases a form of property being exchanged between father and husband, and who would have to serve the function of reproduction.Our membership base is made up of women from USA, UK, Australia, Canada and many other countries.You can create your profile for free and join a community of like-minded women looking for friendship, love and more.

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