Updating intellisense hang

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Updating intellisense hang

May be you do improve in those platforms, or may those are fanboys. Btw, the project already uses precompiled headers, since the usual response I see on the web is to turn them on: Intel Core 2 Quad Core Extreme QX9650 @3Ghz, 4GB RAM. I’m not being fully fair here, since VS 2012 does produce better code than 2008; however GCC and Clang produce code of comparable quality, yet they take considerably less time. Clang, GCC and VC 2008 will always be faster in comparison.

Not to mention VS2012 uses more RAM, which automatically means it can’t scale as well as the others will (it fights Moore’s Law).

Like with the compilation time case, I’m not being fully fair.

VS 2012’s Intellisense is much more accurate; while VC 2008’s has always been criticized for being inaccurate or unable to parse complex C syntax (or in simple words “just broken”).

Something I really liked about VS 2008 is that it would take some time before updating its intellisense database and work with outdated information. In 2008; I change the definition, hit Ctrl Alt F12, change the forward declaration; then I can go back and forth with Ctrl Tab (or viceversa, i.e. In 2012; I change any of both, hit Ctrl Alt F12; wait while staring at the “Please wait while Intelli Sense and browsing information are updated…” dialog, and then see I didn’t go anywhere because there’s no forward declaration that matches the modified definition.

From the look of it, you’re doing a wonderful job since comments seem to be positive. The following timings are for compiling Ogre 2.0 (Ogre Main only), I forced the MSVC 2008 IDE (yes, it can be done) on both to maximize available RAM (and thus avoid HDD bottlenecks, msvc 2012 and its new build tools consume a ridiculous amount of memory). That is a major productivity hit, not to mention this gets on my nerves every time I hit the F7 button.As explained in XML vs XAML intellisense section of my blog post, Xamarin 4 ships with an XML-based intellisense for Xamarin. We have worked with Microsoft to make it possible to use the excelent built-in XAML language service instead, which knows about XAML’s specifics, and is driven by metadata provided by the Xamarin. In Visual Studio Update 1, a number of key issues were resolved that make the XAML language service quite usable for Xamarin.Forms XAML editing, so we’re releasing a Visual Studio extension to enable experimental support for it so that we can gather early feedback on what works and what doesn’t.At a glance, 2013 improves things a little, but not much.I mainly work with graphics software and low level stuff.

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