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Yam kisi se kum nahin online dating

I hope they would take this journey of seeking truth even further and completely embrace the Vedas to reach their original roots. These mantras are called so probably because their true meaning was hidden and was to be revealed in future.

Its hidden meaning is also connected with the navel or the middle point of this earth.

Going further, they should also then accept the theory of rebirth!

In brief, any attempt to prove Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in Hindu Scriptures is nothing but an insult to both the great legacy of peaceful Prophet as well as a crooked attempt to malign Hinduism.

There are indeed names of several historical persons in Vedas.They can review translations of other scholars mentioned by IRF and check truth themselves.We shall provide excerpts from translation by Pandit Khem Karan as illustration. In their pursuit of searching mantras with reference to camel, IRF made another blunder.As per some historical researches, there was a Hindu temple in Mecca.The story of Mecca being navel of earth seems to indicate that there was a grand statute of reclining Vishnu there with Brahma coming to from his navel, as indicated by certain researches.

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I shall not dwell into the concept of Vedas being beyond prophecies, history and geography in this analysis.